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1: War or Peace
2: Issues - Non-Issues
3: You Are the Package
4: Child's Perspective
5: PAS
6: Smoking
7: Religion
8: Breastfeeding
9: Homeschooling
10: Grandparent or Kinship
11: Job - Custody Connection
12: Strategies
13: Conflict Resolution
14: Friend or Enemy?
15: Documentation - Evidence
16: Contact Log
17: Equipment - Services
18: Drugs - Alcohol
19: Pro Se
20: Attorney
21: Private Investigators
22: Evaluations
23: Experts
24: Psychologists - Tests
25: Visitation
26: Move Away
27: Lies and Perjury
28: Situational Awareness
29: Suicide and Murder
30: Neglect - Abuse - Violence
31: Allegations
32: Supervised Visitation
33: Kidnapping
34: Discovery - Deposition
35: Judges
36: Child's Testimony
37: Court
38: Costs
39: Child Support
41: Miscellaneous Cases

Win Your Child Custody War
(Child Custody Help SourceBook)

If you are dealing with a civilized person who's primary interest is working with you to make sure your child is safe and happy. You do not need this manual. But, if you are dealing with a chameleon who has the ability to fool everyone, and will do and say anything to control and hurt you and your child this is the manual you need. Take the normal "he said" "she said" out of the mix. Prove that lies are how this person communicates and that your child's best interest is not even a concern for the other parent. Know how to handle what is happening now, and how to prepare to stop the next dirty trick or document it for court later. Do not be manipulated any longer. Countless resources and successful strategies from hundreds of successful child custody battles. Information from this all-encompassing tome ranging from proving perjury to court costs, this compendium of essential information is the definitive how-to book for winning your child custody war. It's an in-depth and detailed analysis of everything you need to know in order to ensure success during the most important battle of your life.

"Win Your Child Custody War" manual

  • A remarkable new no-nonsense method to understand and run your custody case.

  • Identify what the court would see as your problem behaviors and control them.

  • Determine who you can talk to and what you can safely tell them.

  • Learn about more than 70 of the most common panic situations.

  • What they really mean and see how other parents handled them.

  • How to hire a great attorney, fire a bad one, and know if you can sue a dangerous one.

  • When, why and how to keep a contact log book.

  • Dealing with lies; theirs, yours and, the biggest lie of all.

  • When and how to use detectives and experts.

  • How to negotiate successfully.

  • Preparation for and examples of Home Study, Psychological Evaluations, Detective Report.

  • When and how to depose someone to get the best results.

  • How much does a custody case cost and when is it spent.

  • Ways to make your child kidnap resistant.

  • Information a child should know if the opportunity to escape opens up.

  • The most valuable and current information available.

This is an expensive resource. It costs as much as 1/2 hour with an attorney. Win Your Child Custody War

(Child Custody Help SourceBook)

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Table of Contents

Parental Alienation Syndrome

Non Custodial Parents

 You can't waste weeks and hundreds of dollars each time the other side drops a bomb on your case. This manual will allow you to identify, evaluate, and respond with lightning speed and effectiveness to short circuit dangerous tactics. Everyone tells you what you can't do. This manual gives you hundreds of options.

The Remarkable No-nonsense Method Of Understanding

And Running Your Child Custody Case.

The fact is if you are not following your own plan,

you are most assuredly following someone else's.

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