12th Edition of

Win Your Child Custody War


12th Edition

The first 9 editions of Win Your Child Custody War were much smaller and updated each year. That is no longer possible due to the depth and scope of the information.

The 2004, 11th Edition was published December 2004 so it is actually the 2005 edition.

Edition 12 of the Win Your Child Custody War is scheduled for the end of 2007.

Because, (1)all of the cases listed have to be updated, with new case law added and (2)the triple column pages of text formatted into single column format and double-spaced for fact-checking and editing comes to about 3,000 pages.

However, the 11th Edition of the Win Your Child Custody War has more information about more of the problems you may face than any other 10 books available.

A large number of the other books and products now available on the market are written and produced by people who have purchased the Win Your Child Custody War manual.



The first editions of the manual were available for download. Eventually we began getting complaints. Examples:

"I did download the manual but now I see that I really need a bound copy."

"Downloading the manual is a waste of paper because it is impossible to keep the document in order."

" I used almost 3 inkjet cartridges and my printer only holds 25 sheets of paper so it took forever to print out the manual."

 "My handheld became overloaded and unreliable as I hypertext back and forth and my screen made it difficult to read my manual. About the time I got past most of that my battery kept running down and I couldn't use my manual until the charge was completed. I need a bound copy."

"I successfully downloaded my e-book but can not copy or print out the pages I needed."

"It is too hard to read that much text using the small screen and, I just like the feel of a book."


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