How to Win a Custody Battle


How to Win a Custody Battle


You win a child custody battle by taking it one step at a time, one day at a time, and one challenge at a time.

If you really have a fight on your hands you will have to have a home study or evaluation.

Each state has some type of evaluation to assist in determining child custody.
California has taken a great deal of effort to standardize the evaluation.

There are four basic parts to a 730 Evaluation. They are:

Written or Verbal Testing
Interview with both parents together
Interview with each parent
The child(ren) Interviewed with each parent

Testing results should only be part of the picture of a person. The danger is that some evaluator's over interpret the data, rather use personal interviews and consistency of all data to formulate a useable prediction of the parent and his or her ability to meet the needs of the child(ren).

The library and bookstore that will explain psychological testing methods and how they work. Reading any of them help put you in the proper frame of mind and give you an insight.

These important attitudes, concepts and questions can't be addressed lightly. Your case is more complicated than the "one-answer-fits-all" formula.


The most common test is the MM PI. (Minnesota Multiple Personality Inventory), the Million, Parental Stress test, Parent/child sentence completion test, and several others. The MM PI-II has the most weight.

Interview with both parents:

A relationship history and observation of any conflict between the two of you is established.

Interview with you and the child(ren):

Passive observations from a distance and direct questions of the parent and child(ren) are the basis for this part of the evaluation.

Interview with each parent:

This gives the evaluator and the parent an opportunity to ask and answer specific areas and questions of concern.

If you are dealing with issues such as:

  • Other Parent Is A Chameleon
  • They Lie About Everything
  • There Are Horrible Things The Evaluator Needs To Know
  • Fighting Influence & Money
  • They Have Accused Me Of Everything
  • Huge Discrepancies In Parenting Ability
  • PAS, Malicious Parent or Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

Win Your Child Custody War will help you:

Gain and maintain the proper mind-set.
Ease the stress for your children.
Prepare yourself.
Separate issues and non-issues.
Furnish documentation.
Present information that may not offer in any other venue.
Identify your concerns about the other parent.
Answer questions from the professional.
Respond to insulting or untrue information from opposition.
Understand which information you can have suppressed in court.
Know when and how to complain about an unfair evaluation.
Eradicate problems the evaluation says you have.
Turn a bad evaluation into a good one.

The Win Your Child Custody War is the information and the power you need.

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