Preparing for a child custody case

Preparing for a Child Custody Case


Over the years you have gained volumes of valuable information about many of the challenges we will face in life. 

The first challenges we face is learning socialization. This starts in the home and moves into the day care or school environment. The Most of us are lucky enough to have parents, guardians, teachers and more mature children who help us through the rocky places. We think of the early lessons as less difficult. This is probably because we just don't remember the stress from so long ago.

The next challenge we are aware of is when we move into the job market place. Those stresses we remember more clearly. However, a large amount of our socialization and schooling was designed to prepare us for the employment phase of our lives.

Another challenge is finding a life partner. Socialization, and even employment challenges help prepare us for understanding our need for a partner and what we desire in that person.

None of the previous challenges prepare us for a child custody war. To live with a life partner and prepare to fight that person for contact with your children would doom what could be a very rewarding relationship.

Therefore, preparing to go to court to gain or maintain contact with your children is going to be one of the most difficult and important challenges of your life.

Prepare - Practice - Present

Please take the time to read through the information listed in the Table of Contents and the Index of the Win Your Child Custody War manual.

With or without an attorney, the information will help you put together the best case you can.

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