Praise for Win Your Child Custody War

Praise for

Win Your Child Custody War


5 out of 5 stars A singular achievement and an amazing resource, Charlotte Hardwick's use of the military metaphor throughout (including a photo of a child in a Marine Corps dress uniform on the cover) is in recognition of two salient facts about custody disputes: they can be psychologically as brutal as war; and the stakes can be extremely high.  (full reviewJanuary 24, 2003 Top 50 Reviewer: Dennis Littrell Sothern CA

This is the best child custody and visitation book I have ever read. Everything is explained in detail, if you want to win your war, buy this book. This book goes beyond the legal issues, and into actual day-to-day advice, on exactly how you should proceed, and win your child custody war. The book is more expensive than some others, but well worth the expense. If you cannot afford to buy this book, through the links on this site,  check your local library. It's that Good! Adrienne Richardson,  Boone, NC 

The information offered on our page is a basic, mini course, but it does show you how valuable you can be and it tells you how to go about gathering the information that you need. In the left column of our page is a book that will help you greatly, called "Win Your Child Custody War" it can be a valuable resource for you. And look at the search tools I have mentioned, they will save you lots of time and money and become of great value to you., Olympia, WA

We have a large family and, thus far, have had no personal experience with a child custody case. However, over the years, several friends of our family have found themselves involved in one. Other than taking the obvious step of obtaining legal counsel, they really had no idea what to do...and not do. Hardwick wrote this book for them as well as for all others who are ill-prepared and emotionally preoccupied. Not all child custody disputes resemble "war" but all of them do have profoundly serious implications and consequences. Hence the incalculable value of Hardwick's assistance when attempting to know what they are, to understand them, and then to proceed." (full review)   03/30/2002 Robert Morris Dallas, Texas

"Win Your Child Custody War, has given me the most amount of knowledge in the least amount of time. I have purchased everything available. The hype the others offered quickly became as obnoxious as a faulty septic tank. All too soon the lack of information did surface and became embarrassing. Embarrassing for the authors for their poor product and embarrassing for me to get so little for my money. A parents attitude toward a book ought to be similar to a gold miner's attitude toward gold: get every last bit of value out of it. Custody of your child is to important for inferior products or books. This book is a true collaboration between the author and the reader." Dan (Stonewall) Jackson Austin, TX

This is the most personal review I have ever written, but given the nature of the book, I feel compelled to offer personal confirmation of the value of WIN YOUR CHILD CUSTODY WAR. Surprisingly, I also found a lot of self-forgiveness as I read this book. As I revisited old wounds and previously second-guessed decisions, I found confirmation of my own good decision-making, giving the book a remarkably positive spin for this battle weary, but successful warrior. Very highly recommended. (full review) available at  Senior Editor, 01/01/02 

"A friend recommend the Win Your Child Custody War manual to help me  prepare for psychological and home evaluations.  I was very skeptical that one book could cover so much information in such detail. Seeing the 10 home studies and psychological evaluations removed a lot of the "fear of the unknown." I have actually enjoyed much of the reading and many of the examples. The 7 detective reports are amazing. Even if I wasn't so emotionally involved I think I could recommend this book as just good reading." 07/07/01 Brook Able Child of Divorce, mother, step-mother. Scottsdale, AZ. 

"Win Your Child Custody War has served as an axe and cloak to free me from the sea of frozen indifference of the legal system and shield me from the gale of pain inflicted by the other parent. I needed the safe harbor these words and options afforded me. I highly recommend it to anyone facing these challenges." 05/15/01 Brian Matheaney Loving father of four alienated sons. Brunswick, Maine

"When my attorney told me to buy this book I thought he was abandoning me. I was wrong. Win Your Child Custody War helped me explore the parts of my personality that were charged with emotion every time I had to deal with my ex-wife. I learned the predictability and intricacies of the "dance" she had always suckered me into. Specific techniques and practical strategies that applied directly to my case were easy to employ. It is great to have a product that meets my needs at each level of my challenge." 04/06/01 Donald Goldman Ann Arbor, MI

"Win Your Child Custody War is a deluge of current information that manages to be entertaining.  Drawing on expertise born of trial and error of hundreds of parents,  amazing research and a storehouse of common sense, this manual helps achieve our long-term, enlightened self interests and warns against short-term relief that vindictive reactions afford. Win Your Child Custody War is a great anger/fear management tool." 04/05/01 Eric Deland Psychologist, Mediator, Trainer & Arbitrator Chicago, Il.

"By definition (persistent worry about oneself and ones children, recurrent, fear of initiating action, fear of continued inaction, distressing dreams that may cause fatigue, muscle tension, inability to concentrate, headache and nausea) a child custody battle is a generalized anxiety disorder. Win Your Child Custody War includes elements of cognitive behavior therapy, which teaches people to change the way they think and behave. This helps them eliminate anxiety by recognizing triggers and learning better ways to deal with them. I have recommended this outstanding tool to my patients with great enthusiasm. Each has reported a sense of control and success." 02/15/01  Robert J. Anderson MA, LPC, LMFT, Long Island N.Y.

"Win Your Child Custody War, is a constant source of ideas for uncovering missed opportunities, poison language and cause-and-effect relationship interactions. The problems we were facing were so challenging that we simply would not have gotten this far on our own. There are dozens of obvious and subtle reasons this information has worked so well." 01/26/01 Jay D. Updike, Washington, DC.

"Everything I knew about family court, I learned from  television. It didn't take me long to see that the prevailing mythology I had accepted had me going in the wrong direction.  Win Your Child Custody War offers options that helped me deal with the conflicts in a way that had real meaning to me and gave me the knowledge and skills to help me achieve my goals within the limits of my budget and resources." 03/15/01 Allan Picard Father of Three, Atlanta, GA

"Win Your Child Custody War, is the “great equalizer” that every parent facing litigation should have in their arsenal. A must for organizing and understanding  family court, lawyers,  facts,  issues, and documents. Anyone who faces a child custody case  without it would be crazy. This is the tool that makes it easy to identify and organize the facts. "  01/02/01 Theadore Robinson, Esq. New York, N.Y.

"I am really impressed and proud to have your books in my "custody". I love your books and what you do!" 6/22/99 Jody Seidler, Santa Monica, CA 1999

"Win Your Child Custody War", is a must read for anyone who is dealing with children now or in the future during a child custody battle. In fact I would even recommend it for someone who has already been there, and is still trying to figure out what hit them, and why. The chapter on how to select and work with an attorney by itself makes this book worth its weight in gold (no small feat, as this is a hefty volume). This chapter should be required reading for ALL parents headed towards a contested custody matter, and for their attorneys as well!" Anne P. Mitchell, Esq., Founder/Director, Fathers Rights and Equality Exchange

"Win Your Child Custody War helped us Tremendously. My family and I purchased your book at the beginning of my son's custody battle for his daughter, who was taken from him by her mother. She left town while pregnant, and gave the baby to an Adoption Agency, without the knowledge or consent of my son (the father).. Your book helped us in many, many ways. Some of the advice that stands out in my mind
,was the little things that made a big difference regarding how your behavior in the court room, like "no whispering", no outbursts, and much more. Your book became our Bible. The law guardian commented after the trial about the dignity of our family. We won . The judges decision was that the baby be discharged immediately from foster care, and placed with her father. The other side appealed though, and was granted a Stay. So back to the book we go. Thank you
for making available such a wonderful book!" 09/292000 Arnetta Kenney (grandmother) Johnathan Kenney ( father)

"The Win Your Child Custody War manual arrived this afternoon - looks like it is all you cracked it up to be. But you know we almost did not buy it, here is why: When I read your ad online, I called all the bookstores, the University Book store, Tower Books and Barnes & Nobel and even asked about it on the lt. child-support news group. I was informed that was an 'old' book printed in 1994, by Barnes & Noble. Only the University of Washington book store offered to order it for me, 3 to 5 weeks. We re-read the index and decided to get it anyway. Then I read upon opening the book that it is updated every year. I would strongly suggest that fact is brought out in your ad. What we did do was to go to each of the book stores with the index printed out and tried to match the data to other books - no luck - we spent a whole day going through those three book stores. We are in the middle of a custody case and finding 'Real' information is like finding hen's teeth. I figure after 3 readings we should be ready to outline a complete battle plan - one is already forming & we are glad we sent for the book." 7/20/97 James McFarland, Seattle, WA

"Thank you so very much, on behalf of our ENTIRE Board, we are absolutely THRILLED at the vast amount of valuable information in Win Your Child Custody War. Many MAJOR points are what we have been telling our members for years. Your manual is OUTSTANDING." Vesuvio Mann Charles, for The Board of Fathers for Equal Rights. Miami, FL.

"After reading Win Your Child Custody War, I realized I wanted sole custody for all the wrong reasons. My attitude adjustment allowed her attitude adjustment and we worked out the best plan for all of us." Balor Rui, Father, Peoria, Il.

"We received your manual on Friday, it has so much information in it and is already helping me mentally. Win Your Child Custody War is a GREAT book."  Gevette King Mom and Step-mom, Fremont, CA

"I read Win Your Child Custody War in three settings, and I don't normally like to read. I found it very informative and easy to read. It is full of good information." Jim Frye, Father, Mesa, AZ

"I just received Win Your Child Custody War and I'm impressed by the extensive research demonstrated here. You've certainly done your homework on this subject, and I rate it an "A" in content. I also understand why you ask the price you do for this tome: it's worth it!" Joseph McLaughlin Father, Author, Associate Professor of English, Stark Technical College, Canton, OH

"Win Your Child Custody War saved me a lot of grief, anxiety, time and money. Thanks again." F. J. Emery, Father, Tempe, AZ

"Please send me another copy of Win Your Child Custody War. I can't prove anything, but when my ex-husband picked up the children last weekend my copy of your manual disappeared." Connie Heart Raleigh, NC

"This is a drop dead great piece of work. My mother bought a copy of Win Your Child Custody War and sent it to me. I bought a copy and gave it to my, at the time, soon to be x-wife. We all won. My little girl has two happy homes instead of one broken home. Thank you." Smith, Father and Teacher, Turlock, CA

"Thank you for the opportunity to review, Win Your Child Custody War. I will be using parts of this text in training our new domestic relations judges." Kenneth Fields, Superior Court, Domestic Relations, Phx., AZ

"My daughter lives with her mother and my son lives with me. That's just the way my son and I like it. His mother decided she needed both children and the child support. Jeremiah brought me an order blank from the Win Your Child Custody War manual he saw at his mother's house. I bought the book. Once my former wife saw I was willing to fight and as prepared as she was she gave it up. Best eighty bucks I ever spent." Tyson Breckson, Memphis, TN

"I was immobilized in a deep fissure and they just kept throwing things at me. This manual guided me out of the pit and gave me an aerial view of the terrain. Routing me around the inconspicuous pitfalls. The best money I spent was on Win Your Child Custody War. It Works!" Steve Scheffe, Custodial Parent of my three sons, Phx., AZ

"Win Your Child Custody War helped me understand what was really going on. After reading the manual, I was able to construct a winning plan in less than an hour." Cathy Lucas, Mom, Ellis, KS

"Win Your Child Custody War is a book for all parents dealing with any child custody issue. The depth and breath of the information will make the reader aware of the complexity of custody issues, and what must be done to win in our legal system." Boyer B. Cole, N.M.D.\ Author and Father

"Win Your Child Custody War, is a 'Text Book" on proper parental conduct during a custody battle, a workbook in the best sense, containing exercises to enhance self awareness, to stimulate positive responses and induce new levels of family communication." Steve Chiton, Father 50/50 custody, Miami, FL

"The manual Win Your Child Custody War might be the difference between winning and losing your case." Lynella Grant, Mother, Attorney, Author Denver, CO

"I have been on both sides of this issue. Win Your Child Custody War is an important contribution to the welfare of families during and after a child custody war." Marsha Temple, President of, Family and Friends in Support of Children of Divorce, Phx., AZ

"I won my initial case that took three years. I lost on their appeal that dragged over a two year period. I won again this year. I have spent the last six years before the custody courts. If I had Win Your Child Custody War the first time, I could have saved thousands of dollars and years of pain." Anita Kern, Mother, Bakersfield, CA

"They tried every dirty trick in the book. But, I was ready. Thanks to Win Your Child Custody War." Lynette Hale, Mother, Kalispell, MT

"I thought I had it tough until Win Your Child Custody War, made me aware of some of the problems other people face. I am sure that just knowing what could happen helped me guard against many of the pitfalls." Dawn Winchester, Mother, Nurse KC., MO

"I had my Win Your Child Custody War manual with me when I went to my attorneys office. She traded me an hour of her time for it. Please send me all five books this time, and make it overnight." Don Grove, Pittsburgh, PA

"Win Your Child Custody War should definitely be in the hands of those about to face one of the most unnerving challenges of their lives. It's amazing what people don't know. The manual is extremely easy to reference, to understand, no legal mumbo jumbo, with the various prospects involved beautifully outlined." Ralph and Marietta Marchese, Grandparents, Phoenix, AZ

"Within these pages the various scenarios play themselves out, from the negotiated settlement to the full nuclear exchange. Win Your Child Custody War, is not only an entertaining allegory of war and peace, however. It bulges with strategic techniques on the handling of the players (including you) in your ordeal of battle. Examples of professional reports from the various troops under your command, and explanations on interpreting their real meaning. Checklists and blank forms help you, the prospective commander, formulate and stick to the best tactical strategy for you own custodial conflagration. There are many more helpful books on making peace and recovering from defeats than this one, but if you are thrust into war, make no mistake about it; you need this book." (full review) Brent Wellman, Fathers' Rights and Equality Exchange (F.R.E.E.), San Diego, CA

"Win Your Child Custody War has leveled the playing field for my son and ensured my ongoing contact with my grandchildren." Bea Davi, Grandmother, Warren, PA

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