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Section 1: Get A Handle On Your Situation These forms are necessary for parents preparing a child custody case. They allow you to get a very clear picture of where things stand now. Once you see the big picture you have the opportunity to repair any problem areas in your case and capitalize on problems in the other sides presentation. Fathers rights groups are using many of these forms to help their members in child custody court. More often than not these fathers are able to build such strong cases they never have to go to court to get what they want.

Section 1:

Get a Handle on Your Situation

General Suggestions First Steps List
Relationship Inventory Your Inventory
Opposition’s Inventory Child’s Inventory
Child’s Current Status Outline Choice of Conservator By Child
Designated Task Form Childcare Schedule Discussion
Child Care Schedule Childs Residential Needs List
Communicating With The Other Parent The Book of Your Life
Contact Problem and Incident List Reaction Chart
New Response Options Contact Goals
Data Sheet Form Incident Report Form
Calendar Form Child Support Expense Log
Covenant not to Sue Guidelines for Helpers During a Crisis
Incident Report, Specific 3rd Party Observer Report
3rd Party Observer Report Condition of Child Report
Condition of Child Report, #1 Condition of Child Report, #2
Outline For Discussion Form List Of People You Would Depose
Issue - Non Issue Work Sheet Arrest / Sentencing Report Drug Bust
Notice Of Exercise Of Parenting Time Notice Of Denial Of Parental Access
Letter to Witness Witness Practice - Review
Notice of Taking Deposition Deposition Subpoena
Deposition Outline Form Deposition Question Answer Format
Corrigenda Evidence to Disprove Statements
Equipment & Service Options Witness Practice - Review
Evaluating the Evaluation Child’s Medical Care Authorization #1
Baby-sitter/ Child’s Medical Care #2 Child’s Medical Care Authorization #3
Temporary Delegation of Parental Authority Trip Permission #I
Trip Permission #2 Consent for Psychological Treatment
Directive to Physicians I & II Polygraph Consent
Pre-marital Agreement Request Under Freedom of Information
Request For Credit Report Request For Account information
Last Will and Testament Last Will And Testament Example
Will Drafting Considerations New Family Rituals

Section 2: The Professionals These forms are necessary for Canadian and U.S. parents because they get you started on the right foot with the people you may have to hire. Evaluation and comparison of their skills and abilities will let you to choose the best professionals at the most reasonable prices. Critical to many child custody cases are the forms that help you document situations and take them out of the `hearsay evidence' or 'your word against their word' category and into the hard evidence category. Many forms include a filled out examples as well as the blank forms.

Section 2:

The Professionals

Equipment & Service Options Attorney Interview Case Summary
Attorney Interview Case Summary Attorney Interview Log Example
Attorney Interview Log Attorney’s Client Information (long)
Attorney’s Client Information (short) Attorney Evaluation Form
Attorney Comparison Form Attorney Communication Notes
Attorney Communication Notes Example Attorney Substitution #1 Form
Attorney Substitution #2 Form Pro Hac Vice #1 Form
Pro Hac Vice #2 Form Attorney Motion to Withdraw #1
Attorney Motion to Withdraw #2 Attorney Discharge Letter #1
Attorney Discharge Letter #2 Attorney Discharge Letter #3
Detective Evaluation Form Detective Comparison Form
Detective Retainer Agreement Form #1 Detective Retainer Agreement Form #2
Detective Assignment Form Investigator Assignment Example #1
Investigator Assignment Example #2 Detective Communication Notes Form
List of People You Would Depose Form List The People You Would Depose
Deposition Outline Form Corrigenda Form
Corrigenda Example Evidence to Disprove Statements Example
Evidence to Disprove Statements Form Expert Evaluation Form
Expert Assignment Form Guardian Ad Litem Information
Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem Guardian Ad Litem, Termination
Evaluating The Evaluation Mediation Rules
Mediation Agreement Ethics for Mediators

Section 3: Case Management Gives you some professional forms used in child custody court and some that were created on-the-run by other parents. These forms will help you connect evidence to witnesses and organize the data you have and identify what you still need to locate or compile.

Section 3:

Case Management

Case Information Motions Filed/Served
Motions Worksheet Motions To Be Filed
Plaintiff’s Case In Summary Defendant’s Case In Summary
Documentary Evidence Defendant’s Evidence List
Plaintiff’s Evidence List Court Presentation Outline
Abbreviations in Court Calendars

Section 4: Examples of Legal Forms Is a collection of forms from many states and cities that will give you an indication of what can be done in child custody court. Even if the forms must be modified for your jurisdiction just knowing they exist will help you formulate new options of defense and attack.

Section 4:

Examples of Legal Forms

Form vs. Content Explanation Of The Standard Form
Request for Hearing, Example #1 Request for Hearing, Example #2
Proof of Service by Mail Courts Rejection of Ex Parte Letter
Demand for Personal Appearance Inability to Obtain Consultation
First Request for Documents Response to Form Interrogatories
Response of Defendant to Interrogatories Special Interrogatories
To Compel and for Sanctions Answer Verification
Affidavit Show Cause / Temporary Restraining
Order of Dismissal Impending Impairment
Undisputed Material Facts Change of Venue for Witness
Request for Judicial Notice Allegation of Jurisdiction
Improper Venue, Lack of Jurisdiction Dismiss for of Lack of Service of Process
Motion to Dismiss Dismiss Due to Failure to State a Claim
Agreed Facts in Pending Action Answer, Amendment to
Points and Authorities, Opposing Ex Parte Order to Show Cause and Order
Amendment to Complaint Complaint for Injunctive Relief
Complaint for Injunctive Relief With Damages Order Extending Time
Order Extending Time Order Shortening Time
Motion to Strike Answer to Complaint
Demurrer to Answer Points and Authorities, Supporting
Execution is the Proposed Order Failure to Inform
Cause for a Pro Per's Mistake Order Setting Aside Entry of Default
Set Aside Entry of Default Judgment Affidavit of Attorney’s Fees
Appeal to a Court of Appeals Withdrawal of Appeal
Example of How Cite Cases Are Used Response to Motion
Child Support Proceeding Ruling Suspend Support Pending Appeal (Pro Se)
Pro Per Custody Appeal Appeal Custody/Child Support (Pro Se)
Withdraw of Appeal Topics for Appeal

Case Management Forms for Child Custody Cases

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