AWitness Guide for Testifying at Deposition or in Court



Witness Guide


for Deposition or Court

Any kind of case:

  • Domestic - Traffic - Civil - Criminal

If you have been asked by a friend to testify, served with a subpoena, or have initiated a lawsuit; this small book will make all the difference in the world.

Witnesses' Guide is an inexpensive, sensible way to avoid the most common major mistakes witnesses make when they give testimony in the U.S. or Canada. A copy of Witnesses' Guide should be given to each person headed for the witness stand.

The problem is how to tell our side of the story to strangers when we know how difficult just getting our family and friends to understand what we are trying to tell them. The thought of a hostile attorney firing trick questions at us in front of a crowded courtroom causes terror in the bravest.

Our problems are further aggravated if the outcome of our case depends heavily on the testimony of other witness's. Our strongest supporters can turn into our worst legal nightmare in a matter of minutes under the skilled questioning of the opposition's attorney. A marginal witness with important testimony could destroy your entire case. A negative legal decision can alter the rest of our lives or be a matter of enormous amounts of money.

Big corporations employ skilled seasoned professionals who spend many hours and a great deal of money preparing their witnesses for deposition and court in order to minimize potential damage and maximize their witnesses testimony. Most of us do not have the experience in court or vast company resources.

The average pre-appearance interview time an attorney spends with a witness before testimony is less than an hour. There is virtually no actual `witness testimony preparation' time before most appearances. Consequently a witness without proper understanding and expectation is subject to fear and surprise which will prevent the witness from doing a proper job. Even the most dedicated attorney cannot completely prepare you and each of your witnesses for this important experience. Since you have the most to gain or lose you must make sure you and your witnesses produce the results you need.

This book explains why and how to prepare as well as many valuable tips allows a witness to concentrate on the effects of their behavior and testimony before and during their appearance. Understanding of how ones answers fit into the complicated puzzle of a court case prepares a witness to be powerful and persuasive. This book gives the witness an insight into a process that would otherwise leave many wondering what happened even after they have been through the process. Illuminating the strategies, tactics and techniques used by opposing counsel will help the witness avoid being an easy target.

Professionals report this inexpensive book is the most comprehensive overview of theory and practical application available offering a realistic easy to understand introduction to the world of court for the uninitiated.

Foreword by Dan Poynter

Mr. Poynter is an expert witness in parachute design and skydiving practice. Of his 27 books, seven are on parachutes and skydiving and he has worked as an expert on scores of cases and has testified numerous times in the past 15 years.
Mr. Poynter highly recommends "Witnesses' Guide to Testifying for Deposition or Court" for the lay person facing these daunting tasks.

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