Children's Letters to the Judge

Praise for Dear Judge,



Children's Letters

to the Judge


These letters deal with
Fear, Anger, Confusion, Love, Grief an Hope

It is difficult for parents to know what children think. Often children feel helpless and only give the answers they think the grown-ups want.

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These 110 letters are straight from the hearts and minds of children to the person they think can fix everything.

This book was created in an entirely different manner than any of our other books. I was sitting in a continuing education class for attorneys. During a break the gentleman next to me and we introduced ourselves to each other. I showed him a copy of the Win Your Child Custody War manual. He asked if he could keep it for a day or two. I made arrangements to pick up the manual at his office later in the week.

When I arrived at his office, his clerk informed me that the judge was out but that he had left my manual and a large manila envelope for me. I thanked her and left.

In addition to several very good suggestions and two important case cites. The envelope included a stack of letters with a hand written note that read,